Past Years


The twelfth year of the prestigious Czech construction Forum was inspired by the moderate growth of the industry. The revival brought new perspectives to the work of bulding companies, developers, designers and suppliers of building materials and technologies.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has opened the introductory part focused on strategy and legislation. The following panel discussion concentrated on legislation in relation to prepared construction works and was attended by three Ministers of the Czech Government, as well as other prominent persons.

The Forum also brought a perspective on present and future users of buildings and the vision of urban development. Nearly 300 participants appreciated the possibility of experience exchanges in parallel afternoon panel discussions, dedicated topics, such as management of people, construction materials and technologies or ideal legislative changes for the positive development in the coming years.


Has the years-long drop of the Czech construction stop already? Has the economic crisis end for the hungry construction builders and can they hope for better times? These and other questions could be heard at the 11th year of the Czech Construction Forum that has attracted 300 experts from all construction market segments: not only large construction and supplier companies, but also investors, designers and developers. This year the organizers, Association of Building Entrepreneurs CR and Blue Events company set on experience exchange and form of panel discussions.

There were seven discussion sections in the program. Their topic reflected actual situation on the field as usually:

  • Constructors and the state
  • Constructors, developers and investors
  • Future talents
  • BIM and what to do with it?
  • Urbanistic concept and land-use planning: "gas and break" of the area development
  • Meaning of construction standards
  • Forum of the state administration


Time to time each field is in a difficult period and the Czech construction business is objectively there for many years already. But this cannot last forever. Now it's the right time to not just analyse the past but especially to focus on the future: to look realistically to possibilities and opportunities in public orders, get inspired by abroad experience and not to forget to look at own mistakes and take responsibility for them. More than 250 experts have attended the 10th year of the most common and most visited expert event which was variegated also by continual recording and playing opinions and ideas of participants - Vox populi.

The opening part Forum of Abroad Experience challenged to gain inspiration from countries that overcame the crisis consequences the best, whose construction performance grow after the short-term drop. After that there followed the Forum of Politicians where speakers draw the government tools for growth of the Czech construction business: get the most money possible from the European funds for the actually finishing fiscal period, prepare new seven years plan for subvene exploitation and prepare new legislation about public orders that would respond to the new regulation of the European Commission. The third morning part was the Forum of Investors and suppliers where provocative questions were heard supported by statistic data.

The afternoon program consisted of parallel discussions. Five owners and general managers have actively participated in the new part of the program, a positively tuned Forum of middle-sized and small companies.


The 9th year of the Czech Construction Forum that took part on March 5, 2013, was attended by more than 250 experts. By selected topics and spakers the forum organizers have offered inspirational abroad experience from USA, EU, Spain and Germany. The following panel discussion attended by three ministers of the current government focused on the actual topic - searching for the way out of the unfavourable situation and finding answers to the fact that the Czech Republic remained the only European country with declining amount of investments into building construction.


The political and legal insecurity harm the cnstruction business. We cannot make it to prosperity by saving! These are the main ideas the meeting of 250 experts and key personalities of the construction business, Czech COnstruction Forum, which was held on March 3, 2012 have sent to the Czech government. Also the Prime Minister Petr Nečas nad ministers of the industry and trade, transportation and for local development attended the forum. Among other topics there were discussed also questions how to stop the spiral of decline of the Czech construction business, how to improve its competitiveness or how to enforce some growth-supporting measures despite the necessary governmental economic politics of savings.


The seventh year of the Czech Construction forum was held on March 1,02011 and the record number of 300 participants frm the construction sector have confirmed the necessity of dialogue between experts and state administration. Most participants were not hiding their restlessness from the controversial governmental steps against the field which significantly influences employment rate and is an important indicator of the state economy.

A panel discussion led by Martin Veselovský from the Czech radio was the most expected part of the program. The key representatives of the construction and development companies have reminded the three present ministry representatives that if the political representation does not quickly change its attitude and does not stop taking ill-considered particular measures with possibnle long-term negative consequences, the economic balance of the whole country will be seriously damaged. Fragmentation of the construction agenda into five (!) ministries surely does not support optimistic development.


„In particular, the state should not harm!“ – Evžen Korec said at the beginnig of this year's Czech Construction forum and defined with it the atmosphere of the Forum designed as a dialogue of the government and the construction sector. The building entrepreneurs are interested in communication with executives but the Forum hasn't move it any forward. This was not the fault of builders nor the organizers. Still, the "politics" was strognly represented at this year's Forum. Last year politics ignored the event and only few ODS representatives came, this year minister Vondruška and representatives of the ministries of industry and trade and transport came.


The conference took place on March 4,02009 and its atmosphere confirmed the need to meet and discuss the growing problems increases in the current period of economic crisis in Czech and worldwide. Among the 150 participants there were architects, designers, construction work suppliers, developers, producers of construction materials, representatives of state administration and universities. They discussed the topic of sustainable construction from many aspects.

The topic of sustainable construction became a priority not only in the most developed countries of the world but also in countries of our size. For some years already the future of construction business is being considered in relation to the need of limiting the energy consumption, limiting the CO2 emissions and increasing the amount of construction materials reuse, people are searching for suitable technologies and products tt´hat follow and enable such goals. Builders in the whole world focus their attention to this topic not because they think it is a fashion, but mainly because it is necessary to continually work on education, convince of its importance and urgency.


Already the fourth year of the top expert conference called Czech Construction Forum held on March 5, 2008 attracted nearly 200 participants. Questions regarding development of the Czech construction business in the coming ten years and the confrontation of visions and strategies have raised interesting discussions. In the questionnaire participants gave the expert program of the confernce the highest grade in the four years of the conference history.

At the beginning the president of the Association of the Building Entrepreneurs of the CR, Václav Matyáš, interested the participants with his hardline realistic consideration on the near future development and this way he set the nature of the whole event. The opening part offered presentations of speakers from other relevant sectors. In the afternoon part of the conference the future of the Czech construction business was discussed in parallel sections focused on the market of residental construction, construction materials or future development of transport infrastructure. In the closing part the lasting and alarming topic of transportation infrastructure was heard in the hall. Construction of motorways, roads, city circuits, railway corridors and waterways belong to the spectre of interest of the laic and expert public. The same urgency can be seen in the technical state of the inffrastructure and necessity of fixing it.


The participation of 200 domestic and abroad experts at the event held on March 27-28, 2007 fulfilled the ambition of organizers - INCOMA Consult and Association f Building Entrepreneurs of the CR under the patronage of European Federation of Construction Business - to introduce the development of the Czech construction business in the context of the European market and point at its risks and biggest problems.

The first conference day was started by the discussion of the audience after the speech of the minister of th industry and trade, Martin Říman, who reluctantly placed the construction business in the CR to the context of the sustainable development of his department. After the clear presentation of the FIEC General Manager, Ulrich Paetzold, who placed the CR and its position in the field to the context of European development based on pragmatic economic consideration. After this there was the best evaluated presentation of Miloslav Mašek, General Manager of SPS ČR, and Pavel Zdeněk from the research agency INCOMA Research. They introduced prognoses and real results of the previous period and expected forecast for the coming five years. Second part of the first day was dedicated to the CEE region issues from the aspect of large construction companies. The afternoon program consisted of panel discussions whose level overcame all expectations and respondents gave them very high evaluation in the questionnaire.

The second conference day focused on placing the public orders in the EU countries and the morning part opened the space for important abroad FIEC representatives. They introduced the context of european rules and showed details of issues regarding the public orders in other countries.


Czech Construction Forum 2005 which was held on October 25, was attended by more than 100 experts dealing with construction market in CR. The second year of this special meeting was focused mainly on opportunities on the Czech construction market within the European region and possibilities for construction market.

Among the key participants of the conference there were representatives of management of companies CzechInvest, České dráhy, Asociace PPP, HILTI Česká republika, Hochtief VSB or First Finance. David Hofman, advisor of the Czech Vice-Premier for economy, who came instead of the Vice-Premier Martin Jahn, introduced the forecast of Czech investment politics and its expected development. The representative of the Association of Building Entrepreneurs of the CR spoke about the public order act and its practical implication.


The first year of key players of the construction market, mainly representatives of construction companies, investors, designers and suppliers of construction materials and technologies, was held on October 20, 2004 with participation of more than 150 experts. Among the key speakers there were member of the Board of Passerinvest Group, Radim Passer, or representative of vienesse advisory company Ramsauer & Stürmer Consulting Ekkehard Redlhammer. During the individual parts of the conference there were discussed mainly trends of the construction market during the period of entering to the EU and examples of successful solutions of public, private and mixed investments. Beside the planned program there was an actual presentation on the topic of new construction act given by deputy minister for local development, Ing. Jan Slanina.